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Roulette and its types

Roulette and its types

In the Roulette section you will find several types of this exciting game, where everything depends only on the luck and luck of the player. The principle of the game is that the gambler bets on one of the results:

  • exact number;
  • group from 2 to 6 rooms;
  • red-black;
  • Even Odd;
  • more or less than a fixed range;
  • to the column;
  • for a dozen.

The options are the same as in the usual table roulette, you need to select the denomination of the chip and move it to the desired sector. Next, the virtual drum spins and the ball is launched. The payoff depends on which cell it falls into.

What roulette to play

The casino catalog includes several varieties of roulette and some modifications of the well-known game. From the available list, you can choose:

  • European;
  • French;
  • American;

The difference of the American one is that there are two zero sectors on the wheel, with one and two zeros, and the numbering is placed in a different order, so it will be more difficult to beat it. Which one to play depends on the player’s personal preference.

Features and differences of European roulette

European takes pride of place as the most popular game. To place a bet, it is not necessary to have professional gambler skills, it is enough to learn the basic rules.

How European Roulette Works

The slot machine consists of a wheel with cells in which numbers are written. In total, there are 36 numbers, colored in red and black, and zero, highlighted in green. After the bet, the ball is launched, which determines the outcome of the move. In which cell it stops – such a number is considered winning.

European roulette served as the basis for the creation of various modifications and varieties of this gambling game. Join the lucky ones who have received Fortune’s favor – it’s time to act before your Jackpot is taken by someone else!

How French Roulette Works: Rules and Features

French roulette online gives you the opportunity to feel like in a real gambling establishment without leaving your home. Thanks to high-quality graphics and a realistic atmosphere, implemented by experienced developers, you will get a vivid impression and a lot of adrenaline from the gameplay.

Before placing a bet, you need to decide what exactly it will be concluded for and how much will be wagered for this. All emulator values ​​are in French, which can be confusing for some beginners. To do this, you need to learn a few basic terms:

  • assé-manque – more or less;
  • pair-impair – even or odd;
  • noir rouge – black and red.

Having studied the main definitions, over time, the rest of the words that call this or that action in the game will become clear.

Benefits of French Roulette

The game is considered the progenitor of all other modifications – European and American, and has kept the rules unchanged since its inception. Unlike the American one, there is only one zero here, and even if the ball falls into this cell, the slot returns the bet. This is a huge attraction of the device, it is considered one of the best and most profitable in online casinos.

Both thrifty and risky gamblers can play roulette, the minimum bet size starts from 1 coin, and the limit is set directly by the gambling establishment. Even the minimum amount on the bet can bring a solid jackpot, because by guessing the exact number, the money increases by 35 times.

American roulette is an exciting game of chance that is in demand among most casino visitors.

Briefly about the rules and features of American Roulette

The video game is represented by a drum divided into sectors in which numbers are entered. In fact, roulette is similar to the European and French counterparts, but has its own characteristics. They consist in:

  • two cells with Zero, which are highlighted in green;
    arrangement of numbers in pairs even-odd;
  • In total, 38 numbers are provided for bets.
  • In addition to the wheel, there is a playing field, divided into numbers and sectors, on which chips with bets are placed.

The player needs to decide on a digital value, or a group of numbers, a bet on even or odd, red and black, more-less and many other interesting transactions is also available. Next, the denomination of the chip is selected, which determines the amount per bet. It is noteworthy that in roulette everything depends on the intuition of the gambler and luck.

After the completion of the acceptance of bets, the ball is launched along the inside of the drum, the result depends on which cell it stops in.

The gameplay is full of excitement and adrenaline, just like in a real casino.