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High roller in online casino

High roller in online casino

Gambling pastime involves the investment of a certain amount of money. Each user has his own betting limit that he can afford. However, there is a special caste of gamblers who play big. These are privileged vip-persons or, in other words, high rollers.

If we consider this meaning from the point of view of the literal translation, high roller is a big player who can bet thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. For the first time, the term began to be applied to poker players playing in special tournaments for solid prize amounts. However, the gaming industry is developing, new types of gambling have appeared, so high rollers are already found in online casinos.

The question arises: who is a high roller – a gambler who does not know how to stop in time or a lucky one who wins large sums? The answer is unequivocal – this is a true professional who has been honing his skills for years. Only a trained and experienced gambler can keep not only his capital, but also psychological stability for a long time, calculating each subsequent step.

Not every casino can offer a game at high stakes, meanwhile, reputable online establishments are always happy to see users who play for large sums on their resources. They bring a good income to the sites, so special offers and personal promotions are developed for them. Wiipee persons receive technical assistance faster, have a manager assigned to them and enjoy other benefits that are not available to an ordinary visitor.

How to become a high roller in an online casino

The administration of any casino closely monitors the actions of its visitors. This is necessary in order to stop illegal actions in a timely manner, identify weaknesses in the resource, produce statistics on various indicators, and analyze the general state of affairs. At the same time, the security service draws attention to users who make large bets, and, for online casinos, unlike land-based ones, this amount starts from 20 USD.

If you want to become a high roller and get all the perks, just play like a pro and you will definitely get noticed. The administration itself contacts such clients, offering special conditions and advantageous offers. If you don’t want to wait, you can contact the support service and clarify the benefits of VIP status even before making your first deposit.

Playing poker is a special kind of gambling entertainment that requires full dedication to the process, self-control and luck. Almost everyone who is passionate about this card game dreams of becoming a high roller in poker.

Big bettors can be roughly divided into two categories:

  • amateurs are solid businessmen who sit down at the card table from time to time, making serious infusions. Most often, they play not for profit, but for pleasure, easily parting with large sums. Due to the lack of proper experience, they, as a rule, lose, becoming easy prey for experienced poker players;
  • a professional high roller is a poker specialist for whom this game is the main source of income. Such players go a long way to games with serious stakes, gaining invaluable experience and practice. In their circles, they are not in vain called whales, as they are real masters of their craft.

When it comes to bets in land-based establishments, the amounts can reach millions of dollars. A striking example of this is the $1,000,000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament in The Big One for One Drop series, where the buy-in was $1 million.

As for online poker, everything is a little different here, since the game is more associated with luck. However, as practice shows, even in this format it is necessary to have considerable knowledge, endurance and other relevant qualities. History knows quite successful online poker players who have earned considerable amounts in online casinos.

In turn, virtual platforms organize closed online tournaments, in which only wealthy players are invited. At such events, a serious prize fund with large stakes is played out.

VIP status for high stakes players

Each virtual institution is interested in high rollers, therefore it offers the best conditions for their pastime on the site. It is worth noting that this is a mutually beneficial cooperation, from which both parties benefit:

  • the casino receives a stable income from high rates;
  • The high roller enjoys all the benefits of his status.

Only reputable online casinos, such as Eurogame Club, have the opportunity to show high-quality service, so high rollers carefully choose a gambling portal. If you are a high roller, then be sure to pay attention to:

  • license of a gambling establishment – only if you have documents confirming the legality of the site, you can make deposits and play big with a guarantee of payouts;
  • range of gaming software – world-famous providers provide their developments only to reliable resources;
  • choice of payment systems – the more operators are represented, the more solid the portal. By the way, the high roller has the right to ask if there is a commission for replenishment and cashout, and if there is one, whether the casino will pay the interest.

Usually, the established withdrawal limits and bets that are valid for ordinary players do not apply to the VIP client, and land-based establishments even issue loans for playing on favorable terms.