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Effective Slot Strategies

Effective Slot Strategies

Slot machines are the easiest and most interesting way to gamble. They do not require the study of complex rules or pre-installation on a computer, they are distinguished by a variety of plots and many bonus features.

For a successful game in an online casino, you need to choose only the best top slot machines, which are distinguished by a high percentage of returns. With such slots, you can win often and a lot. To further increase the chances of success, it is worth using the following working tactics of the game.

Smart Gambler strategy – the choice of experienced gamblers

It is very simple, but at the same time extremely effective and allows you to beat online casinos. The essence of the strategy is to use bets of the lowest possible level for just one line. When a winning combination falls out and the doubling game is activated, this opportunity is definitely used.

You need to double up until the win becomes large enough. This strategy allows you to play any slots with minimal risk. With it, even a small bank is enough for many hours of exciting play.

Zig-Zag strategy is a great opportunity to try out new slots

Most gamers like to frequently change slots in online casinos. This allows you to make the gameplay more diverse, try your luck, and get chances to hit a big jackpot. According to the Zig-Zag strategy, the bet size should also be minimal, but it needs to be done on different numbers of paylines.

You need to act as chaotically as possible, constantly change the settings of the slot. After a series of losing rounds, you need to change the slot without regret. This approach allows you to try out a lot of slots, have fun and, with a good combination of circumstances, earn a decent amount.

Martingale strategy – real win in online casino

Almost every gamer has heard about it, but only a few use it correctly. This strategy is simply excellent. With its help, you can beat any slot machines. Only one victory will allow not only to return the previously spent funds, but also to earn from above.

If a special combination falls out, then the size of the bank can increase tenfold. For the Martingale strategy to work successfully, you need to play slots with the following parameters:

  • high efficiency from 95%;
  • the presence of all three bonus symbols;
  • minimum bet range from 1 to 100 units;
  • the ability to activate free spins, doubling game, bonus and super bonus round.

The game is always played on the same line. The first bet must be made with the minimum amount. After each loss, it doubles strictly 2 times. So you need to act until the first win, after which the game starts again with the minimum bet.

Parlay strategy – big win with minimal risk

According to this strategy, after each loss, the bet size is reduced by 2 times. The game is played on all pay lines. It allows you to reduce risks and stretch the bank longer.

How to develop your own betting system

The correct and only way to influence the outcome of the game is to develop a strategy that complies with the principles of probability theory. Especially often this scheme is used when playing roulette. It implies a well-thought-out series of bets, so you need to reserve an amount on your balance in advance, the loss of which will not be critical for you.

There are two types of winning strategies in online casinos: progressive and negative.

Progressive winning strategies

of this type imply an increase in a one-time bet if the previous one was winning, or a decrease in the bet if it was a loser. The most famous positive progressions: the law of distribution 2/3 (“two-thirds”), counter d’Alembert, the Parlay system.

Negative winning strategies

The betting systems of this group require you to increase the size of the bet if the previous one turned out to be unsuccessful, and lower it after winning. The goal of this approach is to reduce losses. Examples of such systems: pyramid, Martingale strategy, arithmetic progressions, Fibonacci system.

Obviously, any system is not a guarantee of victory. It’s impossible to always win. But you can increase your earnings in online casinos if you listen to your inner voice and follow reasonable tactics.