Know How You Can Win In The Exciting Game Of Ceme


Ceme is a poker game that is often confused with the domino qq game which is also quite popular as both are extremely similar. Domino qq game uses four cards while in ceme only two such cards are used. Though these look way too similar, it is exciting to play ceme game.


Basics For Ceme And Domino Qq Are Same

These are played with 28 cards that have dots instead of numbers as their face value and separated in two halves. There are few categories of these domino cards: zero card series which has seven cards in total with one half empty and other half having either no dots or 1-6 dots; one dot series has one dot on either half and the other half having 1-6 dots making a total of six cards; two dot series has two dots in one half and has dots 2-6 in other half making a total of five cards and similarly three card series with four cards; four card series with three cards; five card series with two cards and a single six card with six dots on each half. These are the different cards that are used to play ceme game as well as domino qq game.

Ceme Game Rules

The game of ceme can be played between two to eight players while one player becomes dealer or red chair while other players are called black chair. The game cannot be played without one of the players taking the role of dealer. Each player is dealt two cards and then they are given a peeping time to quickly look on their cards. After that they should show their cards to the table. Once every player shows their card, the values are calculated and player with highest total wins. While calculating the total points, total dots on each card on left is counted and added to the total dots on right. Highest value is 9 and hence when total is more than that last digit is taken as total value. When dealer card has less total value, then dealer should pay the bet amounts of players. If dealer has high total value, dealer gets the bet money placed by players. When there is a tie in the game between player and dealer, dealer is always considered the winner. There are some special cards as well as the highest 9 card with which one can win a jackpot in the game, especially with situs poker to play ceme.